Great Big Sea Concert   April 20th, 2010

Written 10/25/08

My friend Chris and I went to see Great Big Sea, the Newfoundland folk rock group, in concert tonight. They play a nice mix of traditional folk songs and harder rock originals. I was impressed with the various instruments they were playing and how they swapped out guitars, a mandolin, a fiddle a flute and a hand drum between songs. They’re quite energetic with their stage banter and got lots of audience participation. They were quite entertaining both in their humor and with their music and it was a great show.

I’d bought four of their albums and had been listening to them, so I recognized most of the songs and they played several which I really liked. They also played “Helmet Head” which I’d been hoping for, as it was the first song of theirs I’d heard and it’s a lot of fun.

The show was in the Orpheum theater. It’s an old theater which has seen better days, but is still holding together okay. It’s small, but it has some character and I like the ornate decorative moldings it has on the walls. I saw Dark Star Orchestra with Matt there a few years ago, so it was neat to get back there.

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