Comic Book Villians   April 21st, 2010

Originally Written 04/13/03

Watched  Comic Book Villians, which sounded interesting. It was a black comedy about rival comic-book shop owners trying to talk an elderly woman from selling her deceased son’s comic book collection. He’d died in his 50’s and had been an avid collector, so when they got to take a glimpse at his collection, it was like finding the holy grail, with all of the vintage comics stashed away there.

Of course the woman doesn’t want to sell her son’s things, and the two store owners start turning up the pressure. The movie started out good and was entertaining seeing all of the machinations the two guys were going through. However, the third act of the film became unnecessarily dark and gritty and that left a bad taste in my mouth.

On the plus side, it was neat seeing the geeky kid from Road Trip, whose been in typecast roles for several bad movies (including a kind of pointless role in The Core), it was neat seeing him get a chance to have a bit more of a character. Yeah he still played a geek, but at least his character evolves through the movie.

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