Harold and Kumar go to White Castle   April 21st, 2010

Originally Written 08/10/04

I went and saw Harold and Kumar go to White Castle tonight. It was a pretty dumb movie, while at the same time being very clever, which I appreciated.

They took the staple of stoner/road movies and ran with it, mixing it up by playing upon racial cliches and even a couple of gender/sexual stereotypes. The racial issues were bit too obvious and they got a little heavy handed with the race card in a couple of spots, but it’s refreshing to see a teen movie with some social commentary.

For the most part the movie was good fun too and except for a a couple of spots that dragged a bit, I found it pretty damn enjoyable. The characters were amusing, and the cameo of Doogie Howser’s Neil Patrick Haris doing a parody of himself was bizarrely humorous.

I knew an indian guy Kumar in college who, while not a stoner, had an entertaining attitude. I think he might be amused by seeing his namesake in this flick.

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