Rush – “Feedback”   April 21st, 2010

Originally Written 08/10/04

I found Feedback a new album from Rush which I hadn’t known about. In celebration of their 30 years together (wow, that’s staying power!) they revisited some songs they covered when they were first starting out in the bands they had in their teen years.

The songs are a little rough. They don’t have quite their usual level of synergy and it isn’t exactly their sound, but it’s very fresh and definitely sincere covers. There’s some good classic rock on there and a couple of the songs. “Heart Full of Soul” and “Crossroads” really rock.

After suffering some disappointment from their previous couple of albums, it’s nice to see the boys coming back and doing something fun and with some energy. It also reminds me of the Ramone’s Acid Eaters, which were great covers of 60s songs, but a little more for novelty value. Still a very worthwhile album though.

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