Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon   April 24th, 2010

Originally Written 03/14/08

I just watched a wonderfully entertaining film, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. One of his co-workers recommended it; he works with a bunch of cool younger engineers at Mitre, who are all into movies and video games, etc. I wish I could find an office like that again.

Anyway, the film was a treat to watch. It’s a bit silly at times, but overall it was very well done. It has some great dark comedy and ends up being a funny and clever deconstruction of slasher films, with a few nice surprises.

The actor who plays the wanna-be serial killer is wonderfully disarming and joyfully banal at first. His mentor, a retired man of the business and his wife, a former last-girl who fell in love with him, were also amusing characters. And Robert Englund has a fun role in this too.

If you enjoy horror films and dark comedy, this is a must see.

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