Be Kind Rewind   April 24th, 2010

Originally Written 03/02/08

I saw Be Kind Rewind on Friday, which was a pretty fun film. It’s an absurd comedy where Jack Black gets magnetized in a mishap while trying to sabotage a power substation and accidentally erases all the videotapes in the movie rental store Mos Def works at.

So then in order not to lose the business, the two of them start re-making the movies to pawn off on their customers, and they become local sensations because of these home-brew movies.

It was a lot of fun to see them filming the movies, partly because it brought back all of the goofiness from when I made stupid movies with my friends from college, but it was also just fun to see all the movie references.

It was a great project for Michel Gondry too, since it played off his use of weird props, odd camera angles and optical effects. It most reminds me of his earlier work with music videos, though I haven’t seen The Science of Sleep yet.

It isn’t a perfect film, it’s uneven in parts and has some flaws, but it also has some heart, as well as lots of entertaining silliness. Plus the visuals from all the movie projects were a real treat to watch.

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