Bend it like Beckam   April 24th, 2010


I checked out Bend it like Beckam tonight. I’d heard about it from a couple of people and it sounded like a good story, which it was. It’s about a teenage Indian girl in England, who’s obsessed with soccer/footbal (David Beckam is her idol, which gives the title of the movie.)

The plot concerns her playing soccer, joining the local girls team, behind her parents’ back, and how she’s caught between the outside world and their traditional family values. They want her to be a good Indian girl, to learn how to cook and to get engaged, and she just wants to play soccer.

The story was all about culture clash, but also about parents trying to reconcile differences with their children. That was also shown with an English girl she befriends, and how her parents don’t quite get her either.

The story was well balanced between drama and comedy, and the lighthearted moments complemented the serious parts well. There were also a lot of fun characters in the film, and it was just entertaining seeing them interact. I was reminded of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and also The Wedding Banquet in parts of the film. Also, it was neat hearing everyone talk with English accentsm having just been over there a few weeks ago. All in all the movie was quite cute and sweet.

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