The Five People You Meet in Heaven   April 24th, 2010

Originally Written 12/29/04

I just finished the audio book to The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I have mixed reviews on it. The writing could’ve been better and it was very melodromatic, pithy and cliched at points. It was also predictable in a few places too.

However, even with those problems, the emotions of the story did ring true a lot of the time and I smiled and felt my eyes tear up in places. I also liked some of the narrative styling about how you learned about the characters life from layered flashbacks.

The theme of the interconnectedness of people and the worth of one’s life, reminded me of It’s a Wonderful Life; I liked the sentiment. It could’ve been better, but I also enjoyed it some and it was a good diversion and worth spending the five and a half hours I listened to it while driving around this past week.

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