Pseudopod Stories – Of Coyote and Insanity   April 25th, 2010

Originally Written 03/18/10

I’ve listened to a couple of Pseudopod audio horror stories this week which I thought were wonderfully told and affecting, and great listens.

The Getalong Gang by Barrie Darke is a fantastic portrait of someone slowly going insane, viewed from the inside. It’s horror, but of the psychological sort, and it kept me on edge waiting for the innevitable to happen. It was deftly written and avoided the expected endings, which made it even more affective.

Jim Bihyeh’s The Dreaming Way is a wonderful piece of dark fantasy and Navajo mysticism. The ending was a little easy to guess, but still chilling, especially the way it draws out your empathy and horror at what unfolds. It’s a prequel to Love Like Thunder and there’s a third story, Reservation Monsters which also includes the trickster character. All three tales have some powerful character drama as well.

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