Shutter Island is full of The Crazies   April 25th, 2010

Originally Written 03/04/10

I saw Shutter Island a couple of weeks ago. It was a decent movie and a solid mystery. The mood and atmosphere worked well, though I did think some scenes were overdone. I was a little disapointed that I’d mostly figured it out before the end, but it still was satisfying the way it played out.

I saw The Crazies tonight. I love zombie movies, so as soon as I saw the trailer for this, I knew I was going to check it out, even though it looked like it could just be goofy fun. It turned out to be better than expected and was entertaining and effective with both the tension and decent characters. It won’t win any oscars, but it was well done. I also recently learned that it was a remake of a Romero film from the 70s, so I may have to look that up.

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