Star Trek Reboot   April 25th, 2010

Originally Written 05/08/09

I just got back from seeing the new Star Trek film. One of the guys I play cards with bought tickets early and organized an outing to see it in IMAX. It was quite enjoyable.

It does break canon, spectacularly so in a couple of instances. That annoyed a few die-hard fans in our group. However, if you can look past that I think it was handled quite well and I applauded the overall decisions they made for the story.

The film also balances irreverence with a love of the source material, which has lots of fun with the conventions of the show, while also embracing it and making it fresh. And the cast were all wonderful choices and acted their roles impeccably. It was fun seeing their interpretations on traits and foibles of the well-known characters.

The film is a lot of action, which keeps the story going at a good pace, but with some good drama and great character interaction. Yeah, it’s a little different and a bit gritty, but it felt familiar as well. It’s also the most fun and interest I’ve had at a Star Trek movie in a long while. I think J. J. Abrams has helped breathe new life into the franchise.

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