Predators   August 8th, 2010

I went and saw Predators in the theater a couple of weeks ago. It’s an action movie, but a good one and stands up to the original quite well. As a reboot of sorts it managed to recreate the same mood and excitement as the first movie. I got a bit tired of it near the end as the third act wore on, but it was a fun ride. It’s a nice step a way from the underwhelming AvP films of late too.

It did a good job bringing a disparate group of people together, throwing them in the situation and letting that help drive the story. That’s always fun. They also played with familiar tropes to both sci-fi in general and the franchise in particular. It was fun seeing them tick off certain points as the movie revealed more and more of the setting to the characters, such as when they figure out where the jungle they’ve found themselves in actually is. There were some good creature designs here as well.

Like the original, it’s an action movie, but with some nice dressings and it makes for an entertaining ride.

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