On the Dangers of Unattainable Perfection in Fantasy Imagery and the Effects on Saurian Body Image   November 5th, 2012

I  thought of this idea while re-watching the the movie Jurassic Park with friends. It goes back to an oft done joke about how powerful tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs were, but with one obvious physical deficiency. I joked how T Rex porn would highlight that and how it would be subversive and scary to society and they would make movies like Refer Madness about the problem.

I haven’t done any real writing for a few years, so I’m rusty. This may be a little clunky and not as funny as I’d originally hoped, but I like the idea and it’s good to be writing again.

On the Dangers of Unattainable Perfection in Fantasy Imagery and the Effects on Saurian Body Image 

by Will A. Sanborn, 11/01/12

The bespectacled dinosaur gazed out over the podium into the crowd of saurian sapiens who packed the town hall auditorium. He punctuated his speech with a stomp of one of his large heavy feet, as he clicked the remote he held in his diminutive hand.

“And this is the pornographic imagery I have been warning you about, the danger that lurks hidden just out of site of polite society” he said, his voice loud and energetic, as the image on the projector screen switched from simple text, black words on a bland field of unthreatening white background, to an image of the vilest imagination.

The room was filled with a single gasp, as the adults, concerned citizens and worried parents, all seemed to exhale in unison, a strangled breath of shock and disbelief. For on the screen before them, the image was too strange, too alien to believe.

The images cycled through, changing every few seconds to visibly assault the sensibilities of the crowd. The montage showed tyrannosaurs rex figures, all of them male, all perfect specimens of health and vigor. That would have been understandable, even acceptable, but then there was the unnatural alterations to the bodies in the fantasy images, which were bizarre, an assault to the senses and sensibilities.

The saurian’s were shown in normal activities to demonstrate power and vigor, all typical of healthy displays, if not private, but then they were perverted in ways both unthinkable and visceral. These saurians were handsome and muscled and all, but instead of focusing on the normal and healthy aspects of beauty, the proportions were grotesque and made a mockery of the natural order.

The saurians were not simply showing off their muscled legs, either in provocative poses, or with demonstrations of strength and prowess, instead the theme of these images was something altogether different. The images, all drawn or created with computer effects, since they glorified something so unnatural, all depicted the models with grotesquely large arms.

Some of the saurians simply showed off these hyper-exaggerated appendages, the size of which was way beyond anything even remotely healthy, their muscles rippling and bulging, threatening to burst. Other models did unspeakable things with their monstrous arms, smashing objects or prey animals in ways only feet should do, or even worse making lewd grasping contact with the other saurians.

It was all too much. As the images continued to flash in front of the crowd, the gathered saurians recovered from their initial shock. The speaker paused in his garish show as the murmured voices began to grow in volume. He pressed another button on the remote with his small and perfectly acceptable hand, and the screen went dark.

He fixed his gaze on the crowd, his eyes piercing each and every one of them as he stared intently at the assembled citizens from behind his glasses. He paused for a few silent moments, before speaking again.

“And so you see what dangerous perversion lurks in the underground media, ready to assault not only our sensibilities, but to poison the minds of our youth. For you or I, these images are so obviously unnatural that it can only induce revulsion, but for a growing mind, it can produce confusion.”

“What about the young male who is doomed to suffer a lifetime of problems of body image, trying to attain the impossible and downright dangerous physique showcased in these fantasy images. And what about the females who might never be happy with an acceptable mate, instead chasing an ideal born out of a twisted imagination.”

“There are those who will say that this is only escapism and harmless fantasy, but you and I know the truth. These images and these unnatural desires are subversive and dangerous and they must be stopped before it is too late.”

He paused once more, before gesticulating with his tiny arms, and pointing at random people in the crowd to punctuate his point. “The next tragedy and broken life could be that of your daughter, or your son, or yours, or yours… For the love of them all, I implore you to join me and warn your children…”


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