Mice Election   November 6th, 2012

In honor of election day in these United States tomorrow, here is an older piece of flash fiction I wrote during another election, that one a hard-fought mid-season race. It was a retelling of a joke I’d read on a usenet forum years before, which I then learned was inspired by the classic political fable Mouseland.

The illustration was done by the talented artist Synnabar. There is also an audio version of the story.

So make sure to get out and vote tomorrow, no matter which cat you’re casting the ballot for.







Mice Election

by Will A. Sanborn, 11/06/06

It was a beautiful day as all the mice streamed into the election hall to cast their votes for their new leaders. As the rodents waited in the long line, they were treated to the last-minute words from the two candidates. The large cats from the opposing parties sat on raised daises on either side of the entrance to the hall. They were flanked by the mice campaigning for them below, with each of those rodents holding up a colorful placard of endorsement.

“I stand for tradition and honor” said the distinguished gray-striped cat. “Put your trust in me for a bright future, the way things were meant to be, and have always been.”

“How come it’s always the mice from the common litters who end up fulfilling the government’s dietary needs, and never from the houses of the privileged families?” one mouse yelled up from the crowd.

“Vote for me,” the calico cat was quick to interject. His voice was a sweet as his coat was colorful. “I care about all of you, and I’ll make sure your children all grow up healthy and strong.”

“Don’t you see this is madness?!” came the voice from a lone mouse amongst the crowd. “We’ll always be under their control and on their dinner plates, until we stop electing cats. We mice need to rule ourselves!”

“Oh, what should we do, vote independent?” came the jeer from one of the rodents in the throng.

Everybody had a good laugh at that, for it was such a ridiculous notion. That sure shut up that fool too. What a thought indeed, to throw your vote away in such an important election.

The crowd then went back to listening to the candidate’s final speeches. They quickly forgot the ravings of the lone nut, who had quietly been dispatched by one of the feline overseers. He was swallowed whole before he could offer up any other crazy ideas.

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