National Novel Writing Month   November 9th, 2012

Work and Life have been very hectic for me and before that I was also busy with various publishing projects. In short, I haven’t written anything creative for four years! I can’t believe I’ve let it go that long, but I ran out of energy and inspiration and didn’t force myself to work through it. I’m trying to get back on the horse and seeing if I can get my muse to work with me again, after ignoring her for so long.

So to do that I’m taking part in National Novel Writing Month again, the first time since 2006. I’ve done it before and it’s always been a blast, even if I didn’t always finish the projects I started. It was very good for a creative kick start.

I’m cheating a bit this year as I’m not working on a novel project. Longer stories are tough for me, as I tend to lose steam and ideas. So instead I’m going to just see if I can write 50,000 words of creative and introspective writing. Some purists might be annoyed with that, but I figure if it gets me to write again, then it’s definitely worth it.



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