Jurassic Park 3D and The Evil Dead Remake   April 15th, 2013

In the Jurassic Park 3D re-release, the 3D was slightly blurry around the edges in a couple of scenes. It also seemed a little exaggerated in parts, though we were also watching it near the front of the theater. For the most part it worked well and was one of the better non-3D movie transfer to 3D I’ve seen. The technology of the time (“this is a unix system”) looked very dated, but the CGI and puppetry work for the dinosaurs held up very well twenty years later. it was a fun ride and really nice to see the film on the big screen again after all these years.

The Evil Dead remake is a modern, contemporary horror movie, so it’s not campy like the original films at all and the effects were very gritty and visceral. The film gets high marks for that. There were several scenes that were difficult to watch, and for that it was very effective in what it was trying to do. The movie reproduced the moving-camera POV tracking shots that Sam Raimi used so well in the originals, and they worked here too. There were a couple of nods to the original, but this film was definitely its own beast.

The characters were pretty standard, which is par for the course, but besides being dumb and reading from the obviously dangerous spell book, nobody was acting like a total douchebag or having to wear the idiot hat which happens far too often in horror movies these days. The film also had a good setup for why the characters were there which also worked well in them not recognizing the danger and discounting things when they first started happening. The final act played out in a slight twist with the characters involved, which I also appreciated.

The original films by Sam Raimi were more enjoyable for their campy horror, but this remake stands well on its own and was satisfying in its own right. If you enjoy the splatter-gore flavor of horror, then it’s worth checking out.

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