2022-07-02 Ohio Trip   July 14th, 2022

Trip to the Youngstown Ohio area to visit a friend for the 4th of July holiday week. Quick montage of food and drinks, fireworks, fun and a couple of felines.

Snowy is a sweet friendly outside cat and adopted stray and Ziggy shows up at the end, greeting me back home from the journey.

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Friends from Southern California came for a visit, to do some leaf peeping and other autumn adventures. We hit a few spots in New England, including Cape Cod and Salem, MA, as well as a drive out to Elysburg, Pennsylvania, to visit Knoebels, a charming family-run amusement park.

This is a long montage, at 10 minutes. Lots of interesting and silly things to include.

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2019 Daily Montage Video   January 3rd, 2021

Daily video montage for 2018. Created with 1 Second Everyday (1secondeveryday.com).

2020 was a hard year and I got way behind on lots of things, including finishing this video in a timely manner. It’s done now though and I can get to work on slogging through 2020 and showcasing something fun and silly every day.

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I lost my sweet kitty Circe to cancer in January of 2020 and I wanted to collect a few video clips in memory of her, as well as my other cat Ziggy.

Here’s a clip from 2017 with her stuffed turkey. It was a toy she had since she was little and came with her from the breeder. It was one of those stuffed birds which used to make noise (the battery long stopped working) and she had imprinted it on it long ago.

It was a toy she took as her own and would carry it around in her mouth and meow for a several minutes while she carried it. I could never figure out if it was a pet or prey for her. If I left clothes on the floor, she would sometimes make a little nest with them and put the turkey in there.

Egyptian Maus have such cute personality quirks and Circe’s “turkey time” was always so funny to watch. I made sure to have the turkey cremated with it, so she could have it with her on the final journey.

Here’s a clip from 2019 where the two of them are done being patient waiting for breakfast and they’re letting me know it. Circe could get especially vocal.

Circe was the more vocal of the two. Ziggy would occasionally give me a little peep or chirp of a meow, but with Circe gone, he has become more vocal, chirping at me more often. It is quite cute.

He seems to be dealing with her passing okay, and has settled into being a solo cat. He was always snuggly and has gotten a little more so.

Circe and Ziggy are both silver-furred variants of Egyptian Maus and look like little snow leopards.

2019-09-14 Minnesota Trip Video   October 1st, 2019

Vacation trip to visit friends on their hobby farm in Minnesota. Includes lots of photos of animals, including emus, a kestrel and a yellow-faced vulture, as well as barn cats and a rather spoiled and lovable dog. There are also trips to the Spam Museum and a tour of the Mayo Clinic and downtown Rochester, MN.

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