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09-11-01-WTC-Shrine-CT-Rest-Stop-1 09-11-01-WTC-Shrine-CT-Rest-Stop-2 Boneyard-4 Chiller-Loop-03
09-11-01-WTC-Shr... 09-11-01-WTC-Shr... Boneyard-4.jpg Chiller-Loop-03.jpg
Guests-First Guests-First-closeup Medusa-03 Medusa-06
Guests-First.jpg Guests-First-clo... Medusa-03.jpg Medusa-06.jpg
Medusa-Loop-08-03 Medusa-Loop-08-03-closeup Medusa-Loop-08-04 Medusa-Loop-08-04-closeup
Medusa-Loop-08-0... Medusa-Loop-08-0... Medusa-Loop-08-0... Medusa-Loop-08-0...
Medusa-Loop-10-04 Medusa-Loop-10-04-closeup Medusa-Loop-12-06 Nitro-02
Medusa-Loop-10-0... Medusa-Loop-10-0... Medusa-Loop-12-0... Nitro-02.jpg

For the past few years, Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ has been running a special Roller-Coaster Fest during one of the weekends in September. For an extra charge, you're allowed into the park a couple of hours early and can stay later after closing for Exclusive Ride Time on the various roller coasters. You're also allowed to sign up for behind-the-scenes tours of some of the rides. I've been to a few of these events, and they're worth the extra money for the tours and the extra ride time. This time I went with my friends Tony and Tabby, though in the excitement of photographing all of the coasters, I realized later that I'd forgotten to get any pictures of us.