Nashua area, NH

I had my sister and niece down for to visit for the weekend, which was a pretty busy one, spent climbing a mountain, playing mini-golf and going apple picking. There’s also a couple of high-res images for wallpaper backgrounds.

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Brewery Tours and Cornfield Mazes   April 19th, 2010

Worcester area, Massachusetts

My friends Matt and Steve came up for the weekend. First we took a couple of brewery tours down in Boston, then met up with Jeff and Lonnie to check out a corn maze. You can also see some pics of Jeff’s beloved boa, Emmy.

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Halloween 2001   April 18th, 2010

Halloween Photos
NH, 10/31/01

I went home to celebrate this fun holiday with my niece and the rest of my family. It was fun getting to dress up in costume and going trick-or-treating with Ashley.

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Jamaica State Park   April 17th, 2010

Jamaica State Park, VT

Photos from a camping trip with friends to Jamaica State Park, VT . This was back before I had my digital camera, so most of the photos were taken by my friend Jeff R.

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