So back in college and a couple of years after, when I had more time to be silly and creative, I had a group of friends I made really goofy movies with. What started as a project for a film course, turned into a series of spoofs of action/horror movies, all involving killer dustbunnies, which basically amounted to throwing cotton balls at people while they pretended to die horribly.

Our last film was inspired by the genetic engineering in Jurassic Park and a parody of another well-known and reviled dinosaur in the popular media at the time.

We never actually got to finish this magnum opus due to technological problems and diminishing motivation. Editing a feature-length video manually on VCRs is a lot of work!

However, my friend Matt made this excellent trailer which is likely much better than the film actually could’ve been.

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Cat Slideshow   April 25th, 2010

Created 04/15/08

I was inspired to do something goofy for a belated birthday gag for my friend Matt, so this afternoon I made a video slide-show of all the cat photos I have saved to my hard drive.

Damn 635 images take a long time to display, 10:35 to be precise. On one hand it demonstrates my obsessive collecting behavior, but on the other hand pictures of cats are always nice. Happy cat viewing folks, enjoy it or not.

Cat Slideshow from Will Sanborn on Vimeo.

The video was made with a fun little shareware application, the Slide Show Movie Maker.

I was hoping to get a sound file of the original old-timey “Alley Cat” song for the project, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I did find this neat song of the same name by musician Jason Sturges, which has a nice jazzy beat.

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