Vacation trip visiting friends in San Diego for 4th of July week.

I got to meet their new dog Banshee, who after her initial barking, calmed down and excepted us as new friends. She’s a really sweet, chill and surprisingly dainty dog for a German Shepherd.

2017 Daily Montage Video   February 27th, 2018

I finally caught up with video editing. Here’s the 2017 Daily Montage Video in all it’s glory, complete with extra pets and card-playing filler, oh and a surprise 4th-quarter knee injury to add to the drama. I took a spill down some porch stairs at my family’s house in the dark and tore a tendon in October.

2017-08-17 Eclipse Trip Video   August 29th, 2017

Road trip vacation with friends from San Diego to Oregon and back again, to see the 2017 solar eclipse. Lots of driving and random silliness and shenanigans.

So back in college and a couple of years after, when I had more time to be silly and creative, I had a group of friends I made really goofy movies with. What started as a project for a film course, turned into a series of spoofs of action/horror movies, all involving killer dustbunnies, which basically amounted to throwing cotton balls at people while they pretended to die horribly.

Our last film was inspired by the genetic engineering in Jurassic Park and a parody of another well-known and reviled dinosaur in the popular media at the time.

We never actually got to finish this magnum opus due to technological problems and diminishing motivation. Editing a feature-length video manually on VCRs is a lot of work!

However, my friend Matt made this excellent trailer which is likely much better than the film actually could’ve been.

“What’s a virtual experience mean then?”

After watching the live-action film it was based on, I went back and finally watched all of the 1995 Japanese animated movie “Ghost in the Shell.” Both movies follow similar stories, but it’s interesting to see where they diverged.

The identity and motivations of the hacker known as the Puppetmaster is different in the anime, and some of the Major’s decisions in interacting with him are not completely explained.

The Major’s back-story is also less fleshed out. There are still the same musings on what makes a person “human” and she questions her humanity and if the memories she has are real or just implanted. Some of the dialogue around these questions become heavy-handed exposition, but it was nice to see them asked. I would have preferred both films to have delved into those themes more, but the stories at least offer some interesting questions to mull over.

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