“They did not save your life. They stole it.”

The live-action film adaptation of the anime movie “Ghost in the Shell” is a visual masterpiece with images that capture and echo the style and visions of the original. I have only seen pieces of the animated movie and television series, but there were many shots and scenes that echoed with the heartbeats of that world and struck vivid chords with my memories of the source material.

The movie deserves credit for capturing the style and feel of the original, but it isn’t perfect. There are complaints of white-washing the cast, and while not a total detractor, it does take away something from the film. Scarlett Johansson portrays Major Killian perfectly, and it’s it is possible to argue that given the stylistic portrayal of anime characters, they could map to Eastern or Western actors. While it was good to see a multi-ethnic supporting cast, it would’ve been nice to see more Asian actors playing major roles.

Major’s boss, the head of Section 9, is the only character who speaks Japanese, and other than some bits of decoration in set pieces, the city felt more European or American than an Asian setting. It would’ve been nice to have a setting which felt more unique to the source material, and for all the diversity of the Section 9 team, all of the scientists and administrators at Hanka Robotics were uniformly white.

Those critiques aside, while the futuristic city does not have any defined place, the design and mood of it was entertaining. Neon signs light the night and the buildings and cityscape are plastered with gigantic animated holographic advertising, electronic images constantly vying for attention. That conjured up the mood of the source material and it was a delight to watch. The design and aesthetics of the robots and human-upgrades technology felt spot on as well.

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The wonderful T1 Second Everyday app added a feature to create freestyle montages that weren’t restricted to 1 clip a day. That made a good tool to capture all the fun clips of friends, family and pets this past year.

This was also very precious as we lost Dad to Alzheimer’s last fall, and this montage has some videos of our last times with him.

2016 Daily Video Montage   March 13th, 2017

I got behind on video editing this year, but have finally completed the 2016 Daily Video Montage. Video made with 1 Second Everyday app.

Florida trip with friends, including the Disney Epcot Food and Wine Festival and mermaid and tiki shows at Fort Lauderdale. October 14-21, 2016.

The¬†wonderful 1 Second Everyday app now allows you to create freestyle projects, where you can have more clips than just one per day. I’ve been using it to make travelogues of vacation trips. This one is from September 2016, visiting my friends Jeff and Nicole in San Diego, California and surrounding areas.