The wonderful 1 Second Everyday app now allows you to create freestyle projects, where you can have more clips than just one per day. I’ve been using it to make travelogues of vacation trips. This one is from September 2016, visiting my friends Jeff and Nicole in San Diego, California and surrounding areas.

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2015 Daily Video Montage   March 13th, 2017

I’ve been continuing to use and enjoy the wonderful 1 Second Everyday app to make a daily video montages. I got behind on updating the website, so here is the video montage from 2015.


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Movie Review: Get Out   March 4th, 2017

The new film Get Out works both as a clever dark comedy and a modern horror film. It was impressive to see how well Jordan Peele did with cinematic shots and atmosphere for an effective thriller.

The movie heavily references an older 70s film, but even when you think you know what it’s about, there were some interesting and satisfying twists.

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“Delos is the vacation of a lifetime.”

I’ve been delayed on this project. I’ve been making notes on various movies, but hadn’t had a chance to get something fully fleshed out for awhile.

After finishing watching the HBO series “Westworld” I revisited the source material with the 1973 original film and its 1976 sequel “Futureworld.” The first movie is about the dangers of a technological world we don’t not fully understand, and the sequel is about the dangers of a corporation protecting its own interests. The first film was written and directed by Michael Crichton, who has written many technological thrillers, including “The Andromeda Strain” and “Jurassic Park.” The HBO series takes ideas from both movies and also works on the fallibilities of people as well.

The HBO series exists in a different world than the movies. There was an event which occurred near the park’s opening which is slowly revealed, but it is different than the disaster which happened in the “Westworld” movie. The DNA of both films is clearly visible in the series though and you can see where the HBO series picked up ideas from the films. The original robots in “Westworld” were eventually replaced with organic replicants in “Futureworld” and the series shows that progression of technology as well. There are a few fun references to the original films in the series. Astute viewers will notice a sly reference to Yul Brynner’s Gunslinger character hiding out in a background shot when Bernard visits an old section of the underground complex.

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Dystoporama Review: Judge Dredd   January 31st, 2017

“I am the law!”

Many of the reviews in this series will be returning to old favorites, but for this film it was my first time viewing it. I had avoided the 1995 film”Judge Dredd” because of the reputation for how phenomenally bad it was. On viewing the movie, I was expecting the worst, which may have actually helped make it a bit more enjoyable. The film is certainly not good, but it’s not abysmal either. It resides in the wide “so bad it’s good” range, to be appreciated by fans of schlock cinema. However, the movie should certainly come with a two-drink minimum to help improve the viewing experience.

“Judge Dredd” is based on a series of British comic books. The title crawl at the start of the movie informs the viewer that due to a series of environmental and social collapses, the outside world has become inhospitable to human life and the vast wasteland is known as the “cursed earth.” The remaining surviving population has been collected together and housed in giant mega cities, where crowding and limited resources has led to increased lawlessness. To combat the growing street violence, the legal system was reformed, giving Judges the combined power of police, judge, jury and executioner. Street judges patrol the city and dispatch swift justice. Read the rest of this entry »

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