Mice Election   November 6th, 2012

In honor of election day in these United States tomorrow, here is an older piece of flash fiction I wrote during another election, that one a hard-fought mid-season race. It was a retelling of a joke I’d read on a usenet forum years before, which I then learned was inspired by the classic political fable Mouseland.

The illustration was done by the talented artist SynnabarThere is also an audio version of the story.

So make sure to get out and vote tomorrow, no matter which cat you’re casting the ballot for.







Mice Election

by Will A. Sanborn, 11/06/06

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I  thought of this idea while re-watching the the movie Jurassic Park with friends. It goes back to an oft done joke about how powerful tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs were, but with one obvious physical deficiency. I joked how T Rex porn would highlight that and how it would be subversive and scary to society and they would make movies like Refer Madness about the problem.

I haven’t done any real writing for a few years, so I’m rusty. This may be a little clunky and not as funny as I’d originally hoped, but I like the idea and it’s good to be writing again.

On the Dangers of Unattainable Perfection in Fantasy Imagery and the Effects on Saurian Body Image 

by Will A. Sanborn, 11/01/12

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